Hearing Aids

BTE Style
Behind The Ear Hearing Aid

Inception of latest technology makes you feel connected to the most precious sound in situations that matter most. BTE hearing aids are available in digital and analog types. BTE hearing aids are manufactured in standard sizes and in recent time there is also a new variant of BTE called mini-BTE Hearing aid, small in size compared to standard BTE’s. Visit our Hearing Aid Shop Chennai to cherish a quick try on our various BTE hearing aid categories such as Elite, Superior, Super Power, Wireless, Pediatric, Standard, Basic and Analog.

  • Discreet in design
  • Plenty of color options available
  • Suits mild to profound hearing loss
  • Easy to handle
  • Buttons or dials for volume adjustment


RIE Style
Receiver In The Ear Hearing Aid

RIE hearing aids suit best for active individuals. It fits the best for businessman, professors, organizers, musicians, doctors, techies and other professionals. Cutting edge technologies are incubated in this tiny hearing aid. RIE hearing aid mostly digital type. A new variant in RIE called Mini-RIE is also available for users with tiny ears.  Book an appointment with our nearby hearing aid shop Chennai and try various RIE Hearing aid categories such as IPhone, Elite, Superior, Wireless, Smart, Teenager, Standard and Basic.


  • Tailored to individuals need
  • Variety of colors available
  • Suits mild to severe hearing loss
  • Has directional micro-phone technology
  • Sneaky and hides behind the ear
  • Auto Programming & Wireless Connectivity

Invisible Style
Invisible In The Canal Hearing Aid

These are the smallest hearing aid available in this world. Custom made Invisible hearing aids provide a comfortable fit and are designed with advanced features for listening the tiniest sound you care for. The key enigma of Invisible hearing solution is its shape and design. Get the IIC hearing aid from the hearing aid experts in Chennai. We pioneer in satisfying our customer with the best possible hearing care solutions.

  • Custom made hearing aid to suit users canal
  • Suits mild to moderately severe hearing loss
  • Almost invisible in most ears
  • Easy to remove and maintain
  • Worlds smallest hearing instrument

Custom Style
CIC, ITC, ITE Hearing Aid

CIC – Completely In The Canal; ITC – In The Canal; ITE – In The Ear – These custom made amplification instruments are curved and carved to fit snugly in your ear canal. As the name goes, CIC is deeper in canal compared to ITC and ITE. ITC is slight more in the canal compared to ITE. Wireless features are available in all 3 styles of customer hearing aids. These are digitized hearing aids programmed to suit the individuals hearing levels. Meet our hearing professional in Chennai today and have a touch and feel of custom styled hearing aids.

  • Custom made hearing aids
  • Suits mild to moderately severe hearing loss
  • Embedded with digital technology and wireless features
  • Available in 3 different colors – Beige, Brown, Black.